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I'm the founder and executive director of I'm In A Family Receiving Homes, Inc.

I am honored to be able to share my story with you in hopes that it can help inform and direct you in this beautiful journey of foster care and adoption. First, I am a mother to 14, Grandmother to 20 and I have learned a whole lot over the years from personal experience. My husband and I started our adoption story when we came to the realization that having our own children would be difficult. After hearing God's voice in leading us to step out in faith and began to build our family by other methods. We have in all adopted 13 children. Some private adoptions, some through private placement services and some directly from state DFCS. Over the years we were foster parents and housed many children in our county and surrounding counties. We participated in an many other foster care and adoption groups and organizations as well including:

Helping to create the Every Child Counts Program that identifies needs and provides resources for children that it serves. I personally served as a committee member of the Forsyth Prevent  Child Abuse Committee. I served as President of the  Foster and Adoptive Parent Association and the Sub Regional Vice President for the State Foster and Adoptive Parent Association. I assisted in training CASA volunteers on attachment and bonding issues in children. I also assisted with the Initiation of Appreciation Luncheons for the court, DFACS and foster and adoptive families to encourage partnership on behalf of at risk children. In addition to our involvement directly with our state foster care and adoption services and program initiation, my husband and I served as youth pastors in our local church for 15 years.

With that said, I am THRILLED to now be at a place in my life to help, guide, and support anyone wanting to start or learn about foster care, adoption, foster-to-adopt, or other related services.


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