“I will not leave you as orphans;

I will come to you.”
John 24:3

Helping you navigate the foster care and adoption world from our personal experiences.

I’m In A Family Receiving Homes, Inc. (IMAF) is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization located in Cumming, Ga. We were founded and created through the heart of a foster and adoptive mother who fostered 100’s and adopted 13 children in need. The need to love, support and encourage families to fulfill the call to care for the orphan and widowed is our heart.

    As of 2016 Georgia’s Children statistics stated that there were 12,276 children who were in state custody…. Of those 12,276, 843 were adopted.
    Our heart and calling as a ministry and organization is to see that more potential/current foster and adoptive parents are educated, directed and then supported by providing one on one guidance through every step of the process.
    If we could take the fear and unknown out of the process, I can guarantee you that their would be so many more families who would follow their hearts and listen to the tug of the holy spirit to become that loving home and family for a child in need.
    That is where we come in. We want to first extend a hand to those scared and unsure families, so that they can find a place where they feel secure and supported in their desire to love children in need. Also, to give them the exact tools and direction on where to start. As they start, to be there and support in prayer and council as they continue down the road and face unsure situations..



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 We want to be the one to bridge the gap between you and your family and fulfilling the call God has placed in your heart. Let us support, educate and pray for you as we give you the tools to take those first steps towards adoption or foster care. As well as for current foster or adoptive parents let us support and encourage you and be a shoulder through some of the challenging and uncertain situations you may face.  

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